About us

In January 2013, Insight Out was created: a company for which Myriam De Pauw and Frederik Leyssens have undertaken an interesting journey in search of new and innovative garden products.

Their aim was to offer a new way of enjoying one’s garden and the surrounding nature. Within this, the motivation of the two entrepreneurs can be found; an extensive experience lead to an unsurpassed passion for what can easily be described as a new ‘garden experience’. Their search has resulted in the distribution of a British high end-end product that was found at a local garden fair: the ‘G-Pod’.

The ‘G-Pod’ is an astounding product, but the search for other (and complementary) products continues. Our ever-growing range can be found when clicking of “our collection”.

We would like to hear your opinion or suggestions with regards to YOUR garden dreams! Please, do not hesitate to mail us by means of the contact form!

Finally available in the Benelux and Northern France – The G-Pod by Insight Out !